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Do It For The Gram

Whether you love it or hate it, Instagram is here to stay.

Instagram is the primary way I use social media. Usually any photos that go to Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat will all go through Instagram first. I'm a visual thinker and I really do enjoy photography, so I'm naturally inclined to it. But as someone who is working in the media and journalism field, I also see it as an important component for any brand or marketing strategy. This makes Instagram more than just a hobby for me - it's a tool that I have to understand and know how to use.

I use Instagram primarily as a creative outlet. I like to play around with colors and lighting, and formulating the captions can be a fun exercise in word-choice. It's fun see what my friends are up to, and it's a cool way to find inspiration for pretty much anything. Not surprisingly, I look for inspiration on "the gram" by following a myriad of travel bloggers. I'm constantly searching for new and different ways to shoot popular and over-visited locations. I like to hear about traveling off of the beaten path and visiting lesser-known destinations. There's so much you can learn from the travel community, and watching other people's experiences can be like taking your own mini vacation.

With over 800 million users (as of late 2017), there are almost too many options to pick from when searching for people to follow. It can be overwhelming. That's why I've decide to put together a list of some of my favorite travel Instagram accounts. These travel bloggers are the accounts I most look forward to keeping up with every day.

The obvious key to a good Instagram is good photography, but what I love about these bloggers is their genuineness. I'm a huge proponent of not pretending to be anything more - or less - than what you really are. The whole goal of my blog is to remove the veil between what you see on my social accounts and what really happens when I travel. These bloggers do a wonderful job of that, and they have a wonderful way of making you feel included in their behind-the-scenes life.

Jess Gibson : @thetravelista

What's not to love about Jess? She's actually one of the first travel bloggers I ever started following and I became obsessed with her style and aesthetic almost instantly. She has a way of making you feel like you're along for the ride, and when she's not traveling, she lets you in on what it's like to be travel blogger. Her Instagram stories make you feel like you're having a conversation with your friend - albeit one-sided. Did I mention she has one of the cutest British accents?

Yaya & Lloyd : @handluggageonly

Yaya and Lloyd are so much fun ... at least on their Instagram stories. I love watching them narrate their experiences and share their discoveries in real time. They have such great personalities that naturally translate through their work. Their feed is full of some of the most impressive landscape and perspective shots I'v ever seen, and if you're a foodie you'll love them too. Their posts actually make me hungry.

The king of off-the-beaten-path, @handluggageonly is full of cool tips and suggestions for how to get the ultimate local experience. P.S. they have a really cool lemonade post on their page that you should totally try and find.

Brooke Saward : @worldwanderlust

Brooke is just the cutest. She's repping solo traveling at it's best and has the instagram to prove it. Her pictures are fun and whimsical enough to add personality, but they've got that professional edge to let you know she means business. I love watching her Instagram stories because she uses them to give you a look at her day-to-day activities and shed some light on her thoughts about her surroundings. Every time I see a post from her, I find myself begging "can I please just be you?"

If you love animals or adventure (or both!), you'll love Kiki. Whether she's posing with penguins or going on a safari, @theblondeabroad is always up to something cool. Of all of the photos I've seen of Giraffe Manor, hers are probably my favorite. Her feed is full of color and an energy that will make you sell all of your belongings, pack your bags, and hit the road. Fun fact: she's the only travel blogger on this list who's from the United States!


These are just a few of the people that I follow, so I'm there are plenty others out there that offer just as good content. I'd love to hear who you follow for inspiration and what you think about my suggestions.

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