Thinking outside of the box with Almo Professional A/V

Almo Professional A/V is the premier and preferred distributor for the commercial audio and visual market. In addition to offering a wide selection of products to their partners, Almo provides a comprehensive suite of white glove services to cover every step of the product integration process. In 2018, they reintroduced this set of services under a new division, called "nobox."

After exhausting the usual press circuits within the audio/visual market, Almo Professional A/V felt that there was still a lack of awareness of the re-branding efforts. Social media was the only medium that Almo felt hadn't been utilized to its fullest capacity, so a brand awareness campaign was created to promote the uses and benefits of nobox.



What's the best way to capture attention in a digital world? Stand-out graphics that grab the user's attention and deliver the important information fast. The result? A visual series that marries branding with message.