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a new look for new media technologies

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New Media Technologies and its Impact on the Future of AdvertisingMarketing and Public Relations is one of the most popular and sought-after courses at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It covers the quickly changing technology market and exposes little-known truths about data collection while inspiring students to identify its use and potential applications in everyday life.

The course instructor - wanting the relevancy of the class to match the relevancy of the topic - needed a fresh, new look for the lecture slides that would fit all of the necessary information without distracting students. It was important the slides added to the aesthetic of the course's pre-existing brand.

The final slide deck template relied upon muted tones and classic iconography to allow the course logo to pop while framing the relevant information in spaces that naturally draw the eye's attention. The quiet color tones allowed the content of the lecture to take center-stage when presenting to the class, and the easily-identifiable icons emphasized the omnipresent nature of the topics in discussion. 

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